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Employment Opportunities

We currently have no open job opportunities.

You can also visit the CVRD Website to find an extensive list of all the current employment opportunities available with Emergency Management Cowichan & CVRD.

Volunteer with EMC

EMC Volunteers are on standby to support their community during an emergency. Training is held both in-person and online depending on the nature of course. Meetings are held quarterly with stream specific meetings held every two months.

EMC Volunteer Requirements:

  • 18+ years of age and in good health.
  • Emergency Support Services (ESS) volunteers need to have access to a vehicle.
  • Have a phone and email address.
  • Be compassionate, adaptable, & responsible, be able to clearly communicate, and have good listening skills.
  • Be willing to participate and attend training and incidents in the Cowichan area.
How to Register as an EMC Volunteer
Get in touch with EMC to learn more about our volunteer program. Connect with us at Community Events or contact EMC directly at
Complete a criminal record check.
Register through EMC as a Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer and receive your Provincial Volunteer ID.
Select the volunteer streams that interest you in the EMC Volunteer Program.
Receive free training and be deployed to respond to emergencies in your community.
EMC Volunteer Streams
Support Services
Coordinate 72 hours of support for evacuees (from a house fire to a flood) in the Cowichan region. Includes single household evacuations to regional evacuations from large disasters.
Disaster Animal
Response Team
Volunteer with a team to provide short term support to pets evacuated from house fires or support a emergency pet care shelter during a large scale evacuation.
The EMC Emergency Radio team is the last line of defense during a massive communications outage. Put your amateur radio certificate to use and volunteer.
Community Preparedness
& Firesmart
Be a champion for emergency preparedness in your own community. Volunteer with EMC to support community preparedness initiatives and the FireSmart program in neighbourhoods across the region.
Field Assessment
& Logistics
Join a team of volunteers who can be deployed to assess a community that has been impacted after a disaster. Provide invaluable situational awareness to emergency responders. The team may also provide logistical supports when needed.
Volunteer Application Form
Current Burning Permissions
Open burning—or burning outdoors—is allowed when the wildfire risk is low and can be a useful tool when conducted responsibly. Open burning includes Category 1 campfire, Category 2 and Category 3 open fire.
Regional Water Use Restrictions
During drought conditions, your water system operator may introduce water use restrictions to conserve limited water supplies. There are four stages of water restrictions which are coordinated across the Cowichan Valley. Local conditions may sometimes require a higher stage of water restrictions on certain systems.
No Restrictions
Stage 1 Restrictions
Stage 2 Restrictions
Stage 3 Restrictions
Stage 4 Restrictions