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“Master of Disaster” Kids
Master of Disaster Program

Master of Disaster is a free classroom program, created by the BC Government, designed to help young people learn about emergency preparedness. The program teaches youth in grades 4 to 8 about hazards in B.C.—like floods, wildfires, earthquakes and tsunamis—and shows them how to prepare.

Each Learner Will Receive:
Each Educator Will Also Receive:
  • A Teaching Guide (PDF, 1.22MB) to explain curricular alignment and help you plan your lessons
  • A grab-and-go bag poster game to create some fun and to decorate your classroom

EMC has sample kits available at its office in Duncan, BC for teachers, school districts or PACs who are interested in exploring the delivery of this program.
Request a sample kit or support for your PAC to implement this program.

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If you have questions about the Master of Disaster program, contact the program at

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