Active Alerts:

As a ranch or farm owner, you have a substantial investment in the land. You can act now to protect your property and be prepared in the event of wildfire. Consider the following steps as part of the Farm/Ranch Wildfire Preparedness Guide and Workbook:

  1. Create a Wildfire Plan to include:
    • an Operations Map
    • where and how to reduce combustible materials
    • a plan for sprinkler protection
    • emergency relocation of livestock
    • connecting with key agencies
  2. Meet with your neighbors to share contacts, resource lists, and emergency plans.
  3. Reduce combustible materials stored on the property. Create a defensible space around your buildings where possible.
  4. When updating or renovating your home or property, use fire-resistant building materials, fire-resistant plants and landscaping materials, and keep a defensible space around all structures.
  5. Schedule a free ranch/farm assessment with our FireSmart team of professionals to identify potential wildfire hazards and receive guidance on how to mitigate them. The EMC FireSmart Team will work with participating farm/ranch owners to develop FireSmart goals and measures for their unique property.
Current Burning Permissions
Open burning—or burning outdoors—is allowed when the wildfire risk is low and can be a useful tool when conducted responsibly. Open burning includes Category 1 campfire, Category 2 and Category 3 open fire.
Regional Water Use Restrictions
During drought conditions, your water system operator may introduce water use restrictions to conserve limited water supplies. There are four stages of water restrictions which are coordinated across the Cowichan Valley. Local conditions may sometimes require a higher stage of water restrictions on certain systems.
No Restrictions
Stage 1 Restrictions
Stage 2 Restrictions
Stage 3 Restrictions
Stage 4 Restrictions